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THE WEEKLY WORD: The Christian faith is unique

By The Rev. Daniel Larson, Cross Lutheran Church, The Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Why should a person place his trust and faith in Christ instead of in another popular religion or practice? It is because the Christian faith is unique; the Christian faith is true.

Our society struggles with this answer. Most people will view all religions as basically the same, seeing them as merely different perspectives of the truth and each having the same goal in mind. But, this way of looking at world religions cannot be true.

The Rev. Daniel Larson
The Rev. Daniel Larson

This is because most world religions teach that a person attains heaven or the afterlife by doing something, such as gaining a certain knowledge, leading a good and moral life, or atoning for the wrongs done in life.

The chief thought in all of these perspectives is that you have to strive to save yourself.

Christianity is very different and unique from all other religions in this world, because it does not teach what all other religions teach. Christianity teaches us that we cannot save ourselves.

Because of our sins and failure to lead a good, perfect life as God requires, we should be punished. However, God intended to save us.

In Jesus, the Son of God became fully human to live that perfect life before God and to die in our place. He is our perfect substitute. Through His death on the cross, Jesus suffered the punishment that our sins deserve.

In this way, God has accepted His Son’s sacrifice and has forgiven us all our sins. No matter how great those sins may be, through Christ’s perfect life and innocent death, God has graciously forgiven all our sins.

Therefore, heaven is ours as a free gift; we do not and cannot earn it. God simply gives it to us through Christ’s atonement on the cross.

However, Jesus’ life and death are not the whole story. Three days after He was killed, Jesus arose from the dead. His resurrection proves that Christianity is true, and much more. It proves that Jesus is your Savior from sin.

It proves that God the Father has accepted His Son’s perfect life and innocent death as your substitute. It is just as Jesus said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). This is what makes the Christian faith unique from all other religions.

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