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City and school ballots combined in election Tuesday

City and school ballots combined in election Tuesday
Charles City sample ballot. Courtesy Floyd County Auditor’s Office
By Bob Steenson,

Voters going to the polls today will choose the next members of the Charles City Council, Charles City Board of Education and other city and school officials, depending on where they live in Floyd County.

For the first time, city and school district elections are being held at the same time on the same ballots. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today. Voter identification will also be required.

All county voters will also be asked to decide on a change in how the Floyd County Medical Center is organized, and there are other public measures in various cities and school districts.
People who live in the unincorporated parts of the county will still get a chance to vote on the hospital question and for their school district board members.

Here are the various candidates and questions to be decided today:


• Public Measure: Shall the Floyd County Memorial Hospital of Charles City, Iowa, organized and governed under Chapter 37 of the Code of Iowa be changed to be established and governed under Chapter 347 of the Code of Iowa?


Charles City
• Council (vote for 3) – Craig Hamm, Phillip Knighten, Phoebe Pitman, Keith Starr, Ann Teeter.

• Mayor – (write-in).
• Council – (write-in 5).

• Mayor – Trevis K. O’Connell.
• Council (vote for 3) – Merlin Holtz, Cleone King, Michael Miller, Jeremy Stewart.

Marble Rock
• Mayor – Jerry Engelhardt.
• Council (vote for 2) – John P. Marzen, Chad Schriever, Kaylah Schweizer.

• Council (vote for three) – Alex Anthofer, Harold J. Kelleher III, (write-in).

Nora Springs
• Mayor – Randy Hassman.
• Council (vote for 3) – Steve Blickenderfer, Robert W. Moen, Brian Pederson.

• Mayor – Scott Johnson.
• Council (vote for 2) – Carol J. Hoffarth, Corey Johnson.
• Public Measure: Do you approve of the discontinuance of the Board of Trustees of the Rockford Municipal Light Plant and turning over the operation of the Rockford Municipal Light Plant to the Rockford City Council?

• Mayor – Jeffrey C. Buland, Donna M. Lunsford.
• Council (vote for 2) – Craig Reinke, Karin Winters.


Charles City School District
• Director (vote for 2) – Robin Macomber, Janiece Bergland, Patricia Rottinghaus.
• Public Measure: Shall the following public measure be adopted: Summary: To adopt a Revenue Purpose Statement specifying the use of revenues for school infrastructure purposed the Charles City Community School District will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund.

Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock School District
• Director (vote for 3) – Angie Johnson, Janette Lien, Heidi Marzen.

Other school districts
• People who live in Floyd County but who are part of the Central Springs, Osage, Nashua-Plainfield and North Butler school districts will also vote for those directors at their regular Floyd County polling places.