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LETTER: I trust Wilhelm to take our message to Des Moines

By Steven Zimmer, Floyd

With the Nov. 8 deadline for the election creeping closer by the day, and many Americans feeling disenfranchised with the presidential election, I think it is a good time to remind our neighbors there are more races than simply the top of the ticket. There are several local elections at hand and I’d like to take this time to draw your attention to a local candidate running for Iowa Senate District 26, State Sen. Mary Jo Wilhelm.

Mary Jo is running for re-election in our district and I would like to explain to you why I think she is the best candidate for the position. Mary Jo’s support of K-12 education and affordable college align with the values we all hold in Iowa. As a state, we want to continue to lead the nation in education. Mary Jo also supports bold clean energy initiatives, advocacy for those with mental illnesses, and wants to continue to fulfill the commitment we have made to our veterans.

What I like most about Mary Jo, is these are not so much political positions, as they are a set of principled beliefs which guide her in her work. Having had the chance to talk to Mary Jo and work with her in the past, I think she represents our area well and I trust her to take our message down to Des Moines. I can confidently say she has the best interests of the people at heart. She’s made it clear to me and I hope I’ve made it clear to you.