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Letter to the Editor: Beware the Law of the Sea Treaty

Eugene Meier, Rockford

Once you understand the United Nations’ plan to bring down American exceptionalism, you further understand, with no leadership in the last 8 years, our sovereignty is handed over to an ungrateful idiocy of rogue countries that are in constant turmoil and can’t feed themselves on a day-to-day plan by their puppet masters.

In the last 11 years we have allowed the Russians a larger space at the table while we still pay 25 percent of the operation of the U.N.

The Law of the Sea Treaty is a United Nations plan that would transfer money and technology from U.S. corporations to third-world nations as part of a global welfare scheme. It would have authority to stop our ships on the high seas without reason and needing no permission.

It would create a U.N.-style court at the Hague, stacked with judges hostile to the U.S. It would put American soldiers on trial for war crimes.

It was public outrage that blocked the U.S. from joining the dangerous Kyoto Treaty that would have shut down American manufacturing and left hostile nations such as China to pollute as you see on T.V. with the Chinese wearing masks on bad days.

Signing on to this treaty would be a worse blunder than when Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal to a hostile nation.

This exposure to your family would extend its long tentacles to your children’s education through Common Core. It would also show you the true purpose behind the destruction of America’s real health care system.

Global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on mankind. This will be used as camouflage while they work to transform the American system of government — how your private land will become “common property” for the U.N. global initiative or the “lunacy” of the “Wildlands Project.”

All farmers would be impacted by this project. This would take your property, which you would no longer have a right to manage, and turn it back into wasteland covered by trees and shrubbery. This in turn done nationwide, within a medium length of time, would create a shortage of food.

Do we want to be like 9/10’s of the third world countries and be undernourished?

This lunacy will also tell you where you will live and how many will be in the same building or high-rises with you and your family, and that too, may be regulated by the government.

Would Planned Parenthood and the scheme somehow be initiated or planned for implementation down the line? Remember less live babies and the selling of baby parts. Does it seem like this thinking is way outside the box?

This will help you understand why the U.S. government owns 85 percent of the land in our Western states, and why under this ownership no drilling will take place. Also, why the Bundy family is having such a hard time keeping grazing rights intact vs. U.S. government. With this abundance of grazing land, why waste acres of edible grass that can be turned into beef, which is food?

This is another story of American ingenuity brought front and center by a generation of ranchers vs the U.S. government that probably doesn’t understand grazing rights or just being bull-headed.

All waters would be owned and managed by the government. Yes, and any accumulation anywhere on your property or theirs.

Being I have your attention, this is Agenda 21. It’s time America raises up a global firestorm about such a dangerous treaty!