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LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Wrong decisions made in Charles City schools

By Amelia Rottinghaus, Ionia

After reading and hearing about Mr. Wedeking getting cut, I had a lot of anger and emotions build up inside. Although the decision has sadly been made, my opinion needs to be heard.

As a girl who has been raised on a farm, I have learned that the ag and industrial tech departments are beyond important.

I may have never taken a class with Wedeking as my teacher due to not having room in my schedule, but I know how well he teaches students, and I am here to say it was a wrong move.

Last year I had the experience of watching our swim team and competition pool get taken away from myself and my teammates.

Both students and parents voiced their opinions but they didn’t seem to matter. The school board had clearly already came to a conclusion.

I feel like this is the same scenario. Our school is making cuts in areas where they shouldn’t be, and no one’s voice is being heard.

Please tell me why cutting an industrial tech teacher is such a smart idea? Then tell me how a middle school teacher can fill his spot?

I can’t see why it’s not important to have a teacher who is loved by all students and has the experience to teach skills required in life. I simply do not understand what our district is doing but cutting an important teacher We students are always being told to take electives based on interest or also as a future career.

OK, then how are the students that want to go straight into the work force or construction or welding, or maybe attend a two-year in the industrial tech field get that opportunity?

The ag and technology world is advancing like never before. We need people to fill those jobs. But students will never know that’s what they are interested in if they never get that experience.

As only a sophomore, I have seen too many programs leave our district. And that is wrong. If our school has money to fund a new sport, please tell me why they cut swim team and now are cutting an industrial tech teacher.

Why are sports more important than a teacher who can teach life skills? None of this is adding up to me other than the fact that we have just lost a teacher who makes such a large impact.

I am not the only one that is beyond mad at the decision. In my opinion, it is completely wrong. If our school is wanting successful kids in all different areas, they are on the path of failing.