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TERPSTRA: I Loved the 80s

Moving is never easy.

Settling in can sometimes be even harder.

But it’s all a state of mind in the end — unless you’re moving pianos.

Or large furniture.

Kelly Terpstra
Kelly Terpstra

Or anything heavy.

I don’t have a back problem — but I am sure I could if it meant carrying a whole set of encyclopedias up a flight of stairs. But we have Wikipedia now to alleviate that issue.

No disrespect to anybody that deals with back issues, either. Disc problems or anything associated with the spine is no laughing matter.

But where I’m headed with this is, it’s getting close to a month that I have lived in Charles City now.

It was a big change for me to move up here. I was pretty comfortable where I was at — too comfortable. That’s a bad thing. At least for me. I need to be challenged, at least most of the time.

Complacency and taking things for granted isn’t my style, but I was starting to wonder where my life was headed for far too long. That’s a problem. Not a big problem. But my problem. Picking oneself up by your own boot straps is usually a general remedy that is recommended.

The ability to stop feeling sorry for yourself is also necessary to move forward from anything that is holding you back. This I have found out works for me personally in order to get out of a funk or rut. This is not a clinical diagnosis and I do not solicit any therapeutic advice.

I digress.

But change is good and it’s exactly what I needed. Everybody I have crossed paths with or come into contact with here in the area has made the transition a lot easier for me. I know there will be struggles, but that’s normal.

Because it’s not easy for me sometimes to get out of my box or change my routine. We’re all creatures of habit, some more than others.

Places that I have lived will always hold a special place in my heart. But we can’t stay at any place forever.

When I told people where I used to live that I was moving, I said I was moving on up north.

When I said that statement to myself in my head several times, I immediately thought of the 70s-80s sitcom, “The Jeffersons.” That show’s theme song, “Movin on Up,” immediately got stuck in my head. You know the one — “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen; Beans don’t burn on the grill.” Yeah, that one. And if you need more context, I’ll just respond like a lot of people do nowadays, Google it.

Now where “The Jeffersons” theme song lies exactly in the pantheon of all-time great theme songs is obviously debated. I think the general consensus is it’s a solid top 10. It might not be a “Cheers” top-5 type, but it’s a “hall of famer,” no doubt.

My personal top 5, in no particular order: “M*A*S*H,” “The Dukes of Hazzard,” “Laverne and Shirley,” ”The Greatest American Hero,” and “Growing Pains.” “Family Ties” just missed out on my top 5, as did “WKRP in Cincinnati.” “The “Sopranos” did not make the list because I’m talking about network TV shows and not pay cable.

Lists generally evoke some sort of discussion and debate. That’s essentially what I’m looking for — something to discuss or some form of discourse to explore issues and in turn find more out about ourselves. The ultimate goal being the betterment of everyone, which tends to make life more enjoyable and livable.

As with moving into any new community, social connections are important unless you want to work at home and never open your front door. Which is possible in this day and age with virtually everything you could ever wish for or need just a keystroke away.

I’m focusing more on the connections we form in person, not with social media. There’s nothing wrong with forming friendships or bonds on Facebook or any other social media format, but I prefer engaging or discussing with people in person. That’s just my style.

One key aspect of a reporter’s job is to develop those connections. Without them, he or she isn’t going to be much of a reporter or best-case scenario, it will make their job a lot harder.

I’m a fairly easy guy to get along with and I think I listen fairly well. So if you have a story idea or something that you think needs reported on or addressed, give me a call or float me an email. I know for a fact I’ll get back to you on it. Or we could talk about your top 5 — theme songs or not.

And no, I’m not including the “Golden Girls” on that list.