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CITY NOTES: City is working on stormwater concerns

Approximately one month ago the council and I held a workshop session to hear concerns about water drainage issues around the community. Several citizens attended and shared problems they have experienced at their homes during times of heavy, and even not so heavy, rain events.

It seems that we are experiencing many more significant rainfall episodes in the past 20 years, and people who may have had no problems now see more house water issues than before.

With a stormwater system that in many cases was put in place in the 1940s and 1950s and built to the standards of the day, these severe rain events can pose some problems.

Dean Andrews
Mayor Dean Andrews

At our council workshop this past Monday, City Engineer John Fallis provided the council with an update on research he has done on the water problems which were shared last month.

In some instances there may be remedies which can be accomplished yet this fall. Some instances may be more involved and will be discussed at budget time with plans to implement next spring.

Still other issues may be more of a long-term plan or even a situation where there is nothing the city is able to do to alleviate the problem. Whichever the case, City Engineer Fallis will be in contact with those who attended the workshop to discuss each of their individual concerns.

I have had the opportunity to meet several times with our new school superintendent, Mike Fisher, and it has been quite a pleasure.

Mike brings to the school district a positive enthusiasm which is contagious. He has many ideas for the school district, but in my role as mayor, I see also an enthusiasm to have the school and the city as strong partners.

We have had some meetings with potential developers for the former middle school at 500 North Grand. While we are still in the early stages of any potential project, the momentum is there to repurpose this historic building.

I am sure the school year is off to a great start, and I look for a growing partnership with the city and the school district.

P.S. – I love the new banner wrap on the high school.

Speaking of the start of the school year, our new taxi service has been very busy. The city, as of Aug. 1, is now partnering with Circle K Electronics to run our city taxis.

The taxi service has also taken over the transportation for the Foster Grandparent Program, so with an influx of pre-school kids, elementary students, and Foster Grandparents to go along with their normal riders, the past week has been a busy challenge.

As the city is able to employ more drivers (and possibly at some point even add an additional fourth bus) and as schedules are figured out, I am confident this arrangement will lead to an excellent and much needed service to our community.