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Letter to the Editor: Not safe or comfortable

By Richard D. Holm, Charles City

To AARP and its network: There are a lot of citizens in this community that feel Charles City is not as “age-friendly” as you have been allegedly told. Your choices are admirable, but Charles City fails the very top choice.

1) Living safely is definitely not the case in this city. The biggest and latest problem has been with the oversized recycle and garbage containers that were forced upon us. There have been a couple of falls associated with these containers already.

AARP, you know what happens when older people fall.

2) When the city and school keep spending money with no restraint in sight, that definitely takes comfort out of life when we are on a fixed income. We build when there is no need, raise taxes and water bills that should not be raised. The city indeed takes the comfort out of life when we are on a fixed income. Our Social Security has not gone up in a few years. Our city keeps taking.

AARP, how do you expect us to live safely and comfortably in this city? We don’t.