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CITY NOTES: What the CCADC does

By Tim Fox, Executive Director

With the presence of three development entities at 401 North Main Street, it often is confusing as to which entity – Community Revitalization, Charles City Area Chamber of Commerce and Charles City Area Development Corporation – does what.

I am explaining what CCADC does.

Let’s start with our Mission Statement: The Charles City Area Development Corporation is the catalyst for economic development in greater Floyd County, nurturing the creation and retention of quality jobs.

Tim Fox
Tim Fox

Note the emphasis upon jobs; this is our No. 1 priority. Furthermore we are interested in “quality” jobs. You may have noticed that I discuss jobs and wages often when I do this column.

The primary means to create jobs is through business retention and expansion assistance. Most of the new jobs will be created by existing businesses, so we provide our resources in analyzing business plans, writing financial assistance applications, working with affected stakeholders (city, county, state, federal governments) and matriculating projects through the various steps requisite for successful execution.

We also strive to provide a full array of entrepreneurial services.

Marketing existing avenues for development is another CCADC function. We maintain inventories of available buildings and sites, and own unoccupied parcels in the Southwest Development Park. We are proceeding to obtain additional developable property.

Another priority is workforce development. A high quality workforce drives economic growth for workers and businesses. I disseminate workforce data and keep my eye upon emergent trends.

One of our goals is to work with local school districts in developing programs providing a pipeline of talent to local businesses.

Affordable housing is an urgent priority. Housing is a critical issue in attracting workforce, growing a strong tax base and population growth. With funding from the Floyd County Board of Supervisors, we are conducting a county-wide (plus Nashua) housing needs assessment.

As you can see, all our priorities are interrelated. They need to be viewed globally and we must recognize these interdependencies if we are to succeed.

I am grateful and fortunate to work in a community with superior development assets. I work for a board of directors which does not micromanage and has an immense amount of talent. I have great staff in Project Facilitator Cathy McGregor and Executive Assistant Christy Laube. Our local units of government are very supportive of our efforts.

And, I would not trade the high quality employers we have for any in the Midwest. I appreciate the contributions of all the members of our development team.