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Letter to the Editor: Please stop taking my signs

By Robert Pittman, Charles City

For the second time, the political signs in my yard have been removed in the middle of the night. The first time I chose not to say anything, I thought there was not a lot I could do, and the person or persons were blowing off steam. But the second time is a blatant infringement on my right of free speech. Whoever did this, I challenge you to have a discussion like citizens should.

Instead of a petty act of vandalism done on my property, let us talk like two Americans. I will listen to your views and express mine to you. Instead of infringing on my First Amendment right of free speech, let’s see if we actually have some common ground. With the myriad of issues going on, I bet we agree on some things. And who knows, you might even change my mind and I might change yours.

Instead of coming, like a craven, in the dark of night, let’s have a conversation in the light of day about our differences like this nation has done from its inception. The only way we can stay the great nation we are is if we take the time and respect to voice and listen to each other’s views. I hear that is how a representative democracy works.

This is what Thomas Jefferson said about the freedom of expression, “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Infringing on my freedom of expression, on my own property, is tyranny. I have not gone on to your land and destroyed your freedom, do not come on to my land and try to take away mine.