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Letter to the Editor: Porta-potty is better option

By Gloria J. Troge, Charles City

This letter is in response to the letter posted by Scott Andrews regarding restroom facilities at the Rural Resident Solid Waste Collection site located near the fairgrounds.

I worked and managed that site for 39 years. When it was first opened I would have to close the gates and drive to the seven-mile park to go to the bathroom since there were no such facilities at the collection site. (Heaven forbid if I had diarrhea!)

Then we upgraded to an outhouse. Better, but created quite an odor, especially in the heat of summer!

Finally we were blessed with a porta-potty. I felt very lucky to have such a luxury and the company who owned it was very good about keeping it clean and emptying it on a regular schedule.

Now Scott is advocating for indoor plumbing.

There are drawbacks to that plan besides the cost. It would have to be a public facility, meaning anyone could use it, not just the attendant on duty. Also, who is going to be responsible for keeping the room clean, sanitized and odor free?

All things considered, I like the porta-potty idea the best.

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