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Plant a tree with Floyd County Conservation

  • Ackley Creek Park sits a couple of miles away from Marble Rock down a gravel road. Press photo by Thomas Nelson.

  • Ackley Creek runs near Ackley Creek Park and can be seen from some of the camp sites at the park. Press photo by Thomas Nelson

  • A bird lands on one of the pieces of playground equipment at Ackley Creek Park. Press photo by Thomas Nelson

By Thomas Nelson,

Ackley Creek Park, a couple of miles outside of Marble Rock, will host a volunteer day for tree planting Saturday with Floyd County Conservation.

Ackley Creek comes from the Shellrock River, which participants will cross if they come from Marble Rock.

On Saturday, April 28, volunteers will plant 35 trees, pick up sticks and sweep off picnic tables.

“We typically have our volunteer day in the spring, but this one is connected to a grant that we received through Alliant Energy and Trees Forever,” said Floyd County Conservation Naturalist Heidi Reams.

The trees that will be planted are about 6 to 8 feet tall.

“We have seven different varieties that we’re planting, all various shade trees,” Reams said. “There some different oaks, redbuds and Kentucky coffee tree, to name a few of them.”

To volunteer, participants only need to show up on Saturday morning at 10 a.m., Reams said.

“If we have an abundance of individuals that would like to help us we do have some other spring cleaning activities,” Reams said. “This is a good event to get the campground ready for the season.”

Next week Floyd County Conservation will host its annual Outdoor Family Fair at Tosanak Recreation Area near Rockford on Saturday, May 5. Included will be a 5K fun run.

“All of our campgrounds will open on May 1,” Reams said.