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First Avenue to open soon

First Avenue to open soon

Those living on or near the extended First Avenue have been patiently waiting for the road to officially open.

“(The city) didn’t want to open it until all of the inlets, storm drain structures was completely finished and poured,” Estes Construction Project Manager Scott Sheller said.

Concrete hardens over time. Wanting to ensure the road could sustain the weight of traffic, First Avenue remained closed.

“When they were finished and poured (the city) wouldn’t let anyone on it with equipment until the strength of the road was (harder),” Sheller said.

In waiting for the concrete to cure, Mother several dishes. Overall, try to keep your total carbohydrate intake like a regular day.

■ Eat your vegetables.

Vegetables are important for everyone.Unfortunately, the vegetable selection on holiday menus is usually limited. We all want to dress up the table with tempting treats. Why not add some colorful vegetable dishes?

Veggies come in all colors and are very nutritious. Offer to bring a green salad, a side of steamed veggies that have been seasoned or a relish plate. Non-starchy veggies are low Nature stepped raining much of Monday and Tuesday preventing workers from finishing the backfill. The backfill is among the last steps of completely finishing First Avenue.

“Just take soil and put it behind all the curbs and everything so it’s truly finished out and trimmed out,” Sheller said. “From the strength standpoint it has been suitable to drive on for a week.”

in carbs and calories. They will help fill you up and keep you from over eating other high-calorie and high-fat foods on the table.

■ Be physically active.

The best way to compensate for eating a little more than usual is to be active. Start a new tradition that involves moving around away from the food. Ideas include taking a walk with the whole family or playing Frisbee, soccer, or touch football with your children, grandchildren, or the neighborhood kids.

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