‘Twas the Thursday before Christmas

By Thomas Nelson, tnelson@charlescitypress.com

The Thursday Before Christmas celebration in Central Park provided some warmth on a cold evening.

The Gospel Lighthouse Church in Floyd is put together the celebration from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 21, and included local families singing Christmas songs and groups of children reading the biblical Christmas story.

The group reached out to Noel Maier’s horse and carriage company, out of Riverside, to offer rides during the event, and received permission from the Charles City Council to close a part of Kelly Street near Central Park.

Maier, Kyla Salm, along with two others helped drive the carriage around Jackson Street, up Blunt Street and back down to Kelly Street behind the tent where music could be heard a block away. Ana and Doc were the horses that pulled the carriage

The street was closed from noon Wednesday, Dec. 20, and will remain so until noon Friday, Dec. 22. The group had a tent set up on the street with a stage for the performers, including Heartland Harmony.