Letter to the Editor: Trump is the president, so accept it and move on

By Diane Jacobson, Charles City

In answer to Steve Corbin of UNI (in a column published Wednesday), yes, it is a circus made by a democratic party.

What’s the party have to do with this circus? It’s the person. But most people become Party People from what I see. That wouldn’t change if it were our Lord and Savior as the opposite party.

Mr. Trump is now president. The other party cannot accept loss, so they keep trying to destroy instead of accept.

Steve thought Mr. Trump should show his tax return, which is none of his business. Would he show his or any other politician show his? Of course not. It’s always different with people when the shoe is on the other foot, as I have so often found.

Democratic Party, get over it. You did not win, so quit causing problems.

Now you want to bring Russia into it and would you please tell people (news media) how that can be done when it’s the vote of the people of the United States. People are sure wondering because it has never been explained. It is over and done, so let’s go on like was done with every other president. Accept it.

Trump, according to the news media, has done more than any president in the short time he has been in. It’s time to get serious, as Mr. Corbin said.

He (Mr. Trump) was voted in because he wasn’t a politician. Politicians take care of No. 1. Have you ever wondered why they don’t call their jobs a job like we have? And pay their taxes, insurance health care and such? When did that all start that we support them? I don’t remember.

I do know retirement money doesn’t last when the cost of living keeps going up.

Mrs. Clinton wanted the minimum wage to go up. And having lived on a budget my whole married life I have seen what it does. I never gained a dime because the costs of living went up because I got it. It never helped me one bit (fact of life). A vicious circle, right?

Common sense is never used any more. I see it all the time. Yes, will the Democrats and Republicans ever grow up? I doubt it. You’re day-dreaming, Mr. Corbin.