Letter to the Editor: Rough railroad crossings must be dealt with

By Keith R. Blunt, Charles City

How much longer must motorists in Charles City endure the utterly deplorable conditions of the railroad crossings on both Main Street and North Grand Avenue?

The condition of these crossings has deteriorated to the point that driving over them, no matter how slow the speed, results in a bone-jarring, suspension-damaging experience.

Given that both rail lines involved maintain smoother crossings in rural areas as well as in smaller neighboring communities, it appears they have opted to regard and treat Charles City as an urban backwater and are apparently doing so with impunity.

It would hardly seem inaccurate to place these intolerable rail crossings in the hazardous public nuisance category. Hence city officials might prompt remedial action if they make the railroads fully aware of the problem and remind them of their obligations as corporate citizens.

Absent any response to such an appeal, sterner measures could be considered. As one of my law professors was found of saying, “It’s fun to sue!”