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The Weekly Word: Are you up there, God?

By Rev. Daniel Larson, Cross Lutheran Church, Charles City

“God, if you’re up there, please show yourself to me!”

Have you ever said that to God? Wouldn’t it be great if God just came down and showed Himself to us? In fact, God does show Himself to us.

The Weekly Word: Are you up there, God?
The Rev. Daniel Larson, Cross Lutheran Church

In the first line in the Bible, God reveals Himself to us: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Here He tells us that He made all things. He made the vast galaxies in the universe and the tiniest of atoms. He made you and me.

His creation demonstrates His power, creativity, wisdom and loving concern for us. Just take a moment to notice all the wonders of His creation: the colors of the sky, the light of the sun and stars, the intricacies of the plants and animals.

Think of how the human body works – your eyes, ears, fingers, toes; your brain and inner organs all working together to sustain you.

However, God is not like a clockmaker, who builds a clock, sets it up on a shelf somewhere and ignores it. No. God is not some disinterested observer far removed from our lives here.

He is everywhere, watching over all things, caring and providing for our needs according to His good and gracious will.

Not only so, but God has promised to be even nearer to us through His Word and Sacraments – coming to us right where we are, bringing us Christ’s forgiveness, life, and salvation.

Sadly, though, we don’t always thank God for these things and what He has done for us. We forget Him. And for that, God has every right to turn His back on us. But amazingly, He does not turn His back on us! He still loves us with an everlasting love!

This He proved to us by sending His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, into this world to save us from our wicked ways of sin. Jesus came in love and rescued us. He lived the perfect life before God – the life that we should live, but do not.

On the cross He died the death that we should die for our sins. And by His resurrection, Jesus now promises us new life in a perfect place in heaven where all who believe in Him will live forever in perfect joy and happiness.

Is God up there? Oh, yes He is! He is not only “up there,” He is everywhere. But especially, He is found where He has promised to be found: in His Word, in the waters of Baptism, and in Christ’s body and blood in the holy Supper.

In these Means of Grace you will find forgiveness and mercy for your soul; and the life and salvation that Christ has won for you. God has brought Himself down to you in these ways so that you may find Him and realize His love.

God is closer to you than you may think.

Do you see now how much God has done for you and how much He cares for you? Oh, how He cares! He sent His Son, Jesus, and rescued the world that He made.

Look at God’s creation once more, and most of all, look to Jesus in faith and know how near He is to you.

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You are invited to worship with us at Cross Lutheran Church every Sunday. Our service is at 9:30 a.m. and the Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays each month. Come join us and see how close God can be to you!

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