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The Weekly Word: Blessed are the peacemakers

By The Rev. Daniel Larson, Cross Lutheran Church

Jesus said in His Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9). But, who really wants to be a peacemaker, anyway?

After all, a peacemaker in a marriage has to be the one to swallow their pride and say, “You’re right, and I’m wrong.” A peacemaker among neighbors is usually the one who has to rake more leaves, shovel more snow, and put up with more difficulties. Who wants to do that just to keep peace between neighbors?

To be a peacemaker can be a real headache sometimes!

The Weekly Word: Blessed are the peacemakers
The Rev. Daniel Larson, Cross Lutheran Church

And yet, Jesus says that the blessing of happiness comes to those who are peacemakers.

Jesus knew this from His own experience. He was happy to bring peace to the whole world, reconciling us back to God. This is why He is called the Prince of Peace – an accurate title that describes Him because He brought peace between God and all the people of the world; forgiving us our sins, and freeing us from being condemned in those sins.

What a headache this must have been for Jesus! It wasn’t easy for Him to do this. He had to resist temptations and the urge to strike back against those who were against Him. He had to go the extra mile, suffer, and ultimately die a cruel and innocent death on the cross.

But all of these sacrifices were necessary to bring real peace between His Father and the world. Jesus was a successful peacemaker, and He was happy to do it. All of us can be happy that He did it, too!

Oh, to be a peacemaker is not an easy thing to do. It wasn’t easy for Jesus, and it will not be easy for any of us either.

But Jesus never said it would be easy. He did say, though, that He would bless our peacemaking efforts.

Take a look at all the blessings that came with Jesus’ peacemaking – forgiveness, joy, and peace of heart and soul, just to name a few. However, some people still continue in their stubbornness and ask, “How can I really be happy if I don’t take sides?”

Well, that’s just the point. True happiness comes when we DO take a side – God’s side.

To be a peacemaker means to reflect Jesus in our life. It means to take the peace that Jesus has brought to us and take it into the world around us. That is where true happiness can be found and enjoyed by all of us.

Yes, blessed – happy – are the peacemakers!

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