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The Weekly Word: A place prepared

By Pastor Isaac Johnson, New Hope Lutheran Church, Charles City

What are some of the greatest expenses in life? Kids come to mind, since I am the father of a young family, but there are so many. Insurance, health care, vehicles, hobbies, addictions; they all cost money. One of the greatest expenses, however, is your home.

The Weekly Word: A place prepared
Pastor Isaac Johnson, New Hope Lutheran Church, Charles City

Mortgages can even be the most expensive thing we pay for in life, and I guess it makes sense. Our home is where we live, eat, sleep, raise our children, care for our grandchildren, and so much more. It is where we are protected from the elements, where we celebrate life’s greatest joys and mourn its greatest tragedies.

And with the way our world works, the more you pay, the nicer the house. In fact, in order to live in a nice house, people will often pay way beyond their means.

In the Gospel of John, chapter 14, Jesus said to his disciples, “In my Father’s house are many rooms. I go to prepare a place for you.”

The place that Jesus has prepared for you isn’t just some five-star condo or a five-bedroom, three-bathroom with attached garage. This is the place where Jesus is. It’s the place where there is no more hunger or thirst, and no more danger from the elements. It is the place where God wipes away every tear from our eyes (Rev. 7).

It’s paradise, bliss, and happiness, where all sorrow has been turned into joy, and we are so excited to be there with our Savior.

Now, imagine if there were a home in Charles City or the surrounding area where the amenities included “no more suffering and eternal bliss.” How much do you think such a wonderful place would cost, and how much would you be willing to pay? I can promise you this – you and I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

In fact, no one could afford it but God himself. That’s why Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” He didn’t mean that he was going to go pick out the drapes and get a nice sofa for your place in heaven.

This passage occurs in John 14. Do you know what happens in the next few chapters? Jesus is falsely accused, shamefully treated, and finally crucified.

When Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for you, he meant that he was going to the cross.

So I’ve got good news. You may have to pay for your homes here on earth, but there in heaven, your place has been paid in full by the blood of Jesus Christ, and it is yours as a gift, through faith in him.

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