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School Board agenda proposes increase in MS project budget

School Board agenda proposes increase in MS project budget

Potential increase would allow alternate construction options

The official agenda for tonight’s Charles City School Board meeting includes a review of the budget for the middle school addition.

Currently, the budget for the addition is set at $18.8 million. Due to tax revenue bond issuances there is some flexibility concerning the budget. “The sales tax revenue bond maximum issuance came in at $4,800,000 rather than $4,325,000,” the agenda item read. Tonight, the School Board will have an opportunity to discuss and potentially increase the middle school addition’s budget to include a portion of the additional sales tax bond proceeds. Also part of the budget conversation will be whether or not to approve the cost of the “alternate 3” construction options for the middle school addition. “Alternate 3” refers to project choices such as additional telescoping stands, equipment, lockers or gymnasium equipment.

Together, these pieces would cost $254,986 if the district chooses to move forward with the project.

The cash flow projections have been revised by Matt Gillaspie, senior vice president of the education practice in Piper Jaffray’s public finance group.

“The additional budget will increase the cash payout at the end of the project and increase the deficit balance by the amount of the additional budget if the PPEL (Physical Plant and Equipment Levy) is not extended,” the agenda item reads. “If it is extended, there is no deficit balance projected.” At this point, Superintendent Dr. Dan Cox recommends increasing the middle school addition’s budget allowance by $255,000 to $19,055,000 and approve the proposed “alternate 3” equipment spending.

There are four change orders the School Board will need to consider and take action upon concerning the addition. These changes include: — Unknown sanitary service, McKiness Excavating, $1,344.09 — Changes on First Avenue, McKiness Excavating, $12,595.71 — Additional outlets for security cameras, Community Electric, $427.76 — Building slab drainable base course, McKiness Excavating, $10,752.470 School Board meetings start promptly at 6:30 p.m.

and allow for public comment shortly after the meetings begin. Tonight’s meeting will be held in the Charles City Middle School cafeteria.

By Amie Johansen [email protected]

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