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Business, fun and food mingle at Taste of CC


Business, fun and food mingle at Taste of CC

Chamber Board presidency passes to Miller at annual gathering and auction

It’s not all too often you’re able to mix business with play, but on Tuesday night, the Charles City Chamber of Commerce held its annual Taste of Charles City dinner and did just that.

Each year, the Chamber is required to hold a meeting with all the board members, and while it’s very possible to sit around a conference table and talk about the year’s successes and what still needs to be improved, the Taste of Charles City allows the community to be involved in the discussion of bettering the town.

“It gives them the opportunity to see people outside of work,” said Charles City events coordinator Jerica George. “It’s something fun that we don’t usually do. They get this opportunity to talk, hang out and just catch up.”

Nearly 100 people funneled into the Columbus Hall on Tuesday night to experience flavorful aromas from five local restaurants. The Comet Bowl, 3C Bistro, Hy-Vee, Dave’s Restaurant and Guthart Catering were all on hand to show off the best of their best and woo patrons of the event.

Those who came to the annual gathering were able to sample what they wanted, as much as they wanted, while they discussed the business that helps keep the city running.

On top of mouthwatering foods and drinks, a silent auction was set up in the middle of the room for attendees to bid on throughout the night. Anything ranging from paintings to posters, boxes of beer and wine, were able to be auctioned off. All 57 items were donated by Chamber members.

Each year, George said there’s positive feedback that helps her continue planning events like Taste of Charles City for the future.

“There’s always good feedback we like to hear from people,” George said. “We’re always aiming for good ideas, so if people are willing to share, we’re happy to hear them.”

After stomachs were stuffed, Chamber of Commerce director Mark Wicks led the ceremonial “passing of the buck,” where the present board president passes a plaque with two dolllar bills, representing the past and the future. Former president Jane Larson passed the buck to new president Eric Miller on Wednesday night.

Larson thanked the people of Charles City for their help and participation in Chamber events. She said the year flew by and “it felt like I was getting the buck just yesterday.”

“We’ve had a very successful year, and you’ve made this happen,” Larson said to the crowd.

With the help of volunteers, restaurants and donations by the board members, the 2015 taste of Charles City created a healthy environment for people from the public to come and relax with the the committee that helps run the city. It wouldn’t be possible without those groups, George said.

“This year, we’ve been really fotrunate to have good volunteers help. That’s what we really need for our events,” George said.

By Stephen Koenigsfeld [email protected]

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