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Hy-Vee announces $25K winner in Charles City

Hy-Vee announces $25K winner in Charles City

Charles City resident Sherri Schafer was a lucky Hy-Vee customer last week, when Hy-Vee announced she had won the FuelSaver + Perks prize from the store. Her winnings?

$25,000 in cash.

Schafer and her husband, Don, collected her winnings with store director Ryan Parker, and Schafer said much of her prize would go towards her and Don’s favorite charities in Charles City. The two also plan on flying Don’s uncle to Charles City for the upcoming holidays.

Hy-Vee congratulated the Schafers on their prize, and remind customers to continue using their FuelSaver + Perks card for a chance to win store perks for Hy-Vee’s Brands for Grands promotion.

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