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Lindaman: Evidence dispute with prosecutor resolved


Lindaman: Evidence dispute with prosecutor resolved

Former candidate for School Board to be tried in January

Douglas Lindaman, who was charged with third-degree sexual abuse as he was running for Charles City School Board, appeared in court briefly Monday morning to say the matters in his multiple motions have been resolved and the scheduled hearing was not necessary.

“The defendant advised that all issues contained in the motions had been resolved and there was no need for the hearing,” District Court DeDra Schroeder wrote in an order Monday after Lindaman’s appearance.

In his motions, Lindaman had said the Floyd County Attorney’s Office did not provide some evidence he was certain it had that was important to his defense. County Attorney Rachel Ginbey filed a motion last week stating, “All items requested by the Defendant that are in the possession of the State have been provided to the Defendant.”

In particular, he was seeking a recording of an interview to cast doubt on the credibility of his accuser, according to his motions.

Lindaman’s trial is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2016, with a pretrial conference on Dec. 14.

Last week, Schroeder also approved a motion by County Attorney Rachel Ginbey to amend LINDAMAN

Continued from page 1 the trial information. The changes expanded the time period in which the alleged crime occurred from March-April 2011 to Marcb-May 2011. Lindaman was charged in late August with third-degree sexual abuse for a 2011 incident, a class C felony.

He is accused of touching a 17-year-old’s penis against the 17-year-old’s will.

The maximum sentence he could receive is 10 years in prison and $ 10,000 in fines.

Lindaman, a former licensed attorney and Floyd County magistrate judge, is defending himself in this case. He lost his law license after he pleaded guilty in 1988 to two counts o f lascivious acts with a child and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He served two years, was released on parole in 1991 and discharged from parole in 1994.

By Chris Baldus

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