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CC Schools show “Classroom of the Future”


CC Schools show “Classroom of the Future”

Charles City School Board recognized as state leaders

Thursday was the second of a three day Iowa Association of School Board Convention.

School Boards across the state of Iowa gathered in Des Moines to participate in a variety of presentations. Charles City School Board members also attended the IASB Convention.

However, they did more than listen to speakers — they were asked to present.

School Board members were asked to give three presentations on Thursday, Superintendent Dr. Dan Cox said. Two of the presentations were about the “Classroom of the Future.”

School Board President Scott Dight, School Board Member Lorraine Winterink, BLDD Architects and Cox gave the first presentation on the “Classroom of the Future.” “(We talked) about the process in the morning, like the theory of how this came to be,” Cox said. The second presentation took place in the afternoon and allowed convention attendees to visualize how education is changing. BLDD Architects spent three days building a mock classroom, similar to the mock classroom construction students sampled last September.

“Of the whole seventh grade learning study, about 50 percent will be constructed in Hy-Vee Hall,” Cox said. “(Attendees will) see how teachers utilize large group space and smaller spaces.”

In September, the mock classroom was largely composed of flimsy wood braces, crudely outlining walls and learning spaces. The mock classroom at the IASB convention more closely showcased the actual 21st Century classroom. The sixth graders who took part in last year’s mock classroom were asked to be part of the second presentation at the IASB convention.

Forty-five seventh-grade students along with the seventh grade teaching team were invited to Des Moines to demonstrate how the 21st Century classroom is used.

“Of the four seventh grade teachers, two will narrate and two will teach,” Cox said.

Students were described as having a sort of “nervous excitement” in being asked to learn on display.

The third presentation was given by School Board Vice President Jason Walker, School Board Member Robin Macomber, Communications and Community Engagement Justin DeVore and Cox on “Statewide Advocacy.”

“We really hope that people walk away with a defined plan on how to get community members involved,” Cox summarized their presentation’s message.

Last spring Charles City School Board members took a vocal approach to advocacy.

The School District not only created a video asking for Supplemental State Aid to be set, but School Board members also visited the capitol where they met with legislators on a variety of topics important to education. This activity made them a recognizable group in advocating for education.

The “Statewide Advocacy” presentation will revolve largely around how to rally supporters for education.

“The elected officials in Des Moines listen when their constituents talk,” he said.

Each of the presentations were roughly 45 minutes. Being asked to speak at the IASB Convention was an honor not only for the school but for the district.

“I think it really is a validation for the community that we have excellent things going on here at Charles City and that we are one of the leaders in the state,” Cox said.

“It ought to be a source of pride for all community members — whether or not you have kids in school — to be recognized as a leader in the state.”

By Amie Johansen [email protected]

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