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Students cook up a thank you for the CCMS construction crew

Students cook up a thank you for the CCMS construction crew

Prostart classes serve up new experience for students, workers

Every day this semester, Charles City High School students looked out the window and watched the middle school project take shape. It made Dené Lundberg’s Prostart classes, behind the Comet Cafe lunches, wonder if they could do something for the construction workers.

“These kids are watching them work everyday,” Lundberg said. “We thought, let’s see if that’s something they would be interested in.”

Estes Construction liked the idea, but asked, “What if we do something different than what your students have done before?” Lundberg said.

The end result, which served to 35 crew members on Thursday afternoon, was a unique experience for students: beef wellington, a tenderloin coated in mushroom duxelles and wrapped in puff pastry, served with green peppercorn sauce, roasted potatoes, green salad with balsamic dressing and pomegranates.

“My Level 2 class was in their beef unit, and was able to prep the meat. Level 1 was working on table settings, so they were able to get the room set up for them,” Lundberg said, including research on napkin folds and creating table centerpieces.

The senior level class, known as Comet Cafe, made the rest of the food and served the crew. The new dishes were an initial challenge, senior Shay Etherington said.

“It started out a little more stressful until we figured out what it actually was,” said Etherington, who made the peppercorn sauce. “I’m not much on fancy food … but it was fun, and it was different.” It took a week for the classes to prepare for the meal, which Lundberg planned, and included ingredients that the class had never worked with, Etherington said. At the meal, the class introduced themselves, including which students made what dish, and thanked the crew for their work on the middle school addition.

“We would watch them out the window in math (and see the building go up),” she said. “It was fun, nice to hear their comments and thank them for what they’re doing for our community. I’m sure they don’t get enough recognition for what they do.”

By Kate Hayden [email protected]

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