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Floyd County Museum teaches history and science to kids

  • Children watch and learn how chemicals can change colors. Press photo by Thomas Nelson.

  • Bob Durrwachter, a chemist at Cambrex, mixes together the necessary chemicals to make a mirror at the Floyd County Museum Saturday morning. Press photo by Thomas Nelson.

  • Bob Durrwachter, a chemist at Cambrex, shows children the chemical process of making a mirror. Press photo by Thomas Nelson.

  • Bob Durrwachter, a chemist at Cambrex, demonstrates how to make chemicals glow at a Kid's Day event at the Floyd County Museum. Press photo by Thomas Nelson.

  • A balloon explodes with a bang, at the Floyd County Museum Saturday morning during Kid's Day. Press photo by Thomas Nelson.

By Thomas Nelson,

Some kids got to experience an explosive demonstration.

Floyd County kids learned about chemistry and science Saturday morning at the Floyd County Museum.

Bob Durrwachter, a chemist at Cambrex, gave a presentation to children at the museum showing the wonders of science and chemistry.

Durrwachter, or Dr. Bob, as he was introduced, showed 17 children chemistry demonstrations that ranged from changing the color of liquids to blowing up — really blowing up — balloons.

Durrwachter put on a show of science to the children with his larger than average beard and pleasant demeanor. He answered any and all questions the children asked.

When kids would ask whether they could play with the chemicals he explained they could if they went through the years of schooling that he did. Otherwise, no.

“I want to show them how fun science can be,” Durrwachter said. “I like to get kids excited about science.”

The presentation included acid neutralization and oxidation among other technically sounding, but fun, demonstrations.

The presentation saw chemicals used to make mirrors and make regular looking liquids and chemicals glow to cheers of the children present.

This was Durrwachter’s first presentation to at the Floyd County Museum, but not his first presentation overall.

“I’ve done a similar set of demonstrations for I.C. (Immaculate Conception) Schools and also did some for a historical society meeting,” Durrwachter said.

The presentation was part of a Kid’s Day event at the museum.

“We decided to mix it up a little bit and bring us to the 21st Century and go with Dr. Bob and his science,” said Mary Ann Townsend, director of the Floyd County Museum.

There were more kids at this Kid’s Day than usual because of the upstairs accommodations used for the experiment, Townsend said.

Saturday’s event was held right next to the old Salisbury Laboratory found on the second floor of the museum.

“It was good because next week the kids are going to have science (classes) and they’re already excited about what they saw today,” Townsend said. “That’s good!”

The event includes activities for the kids to participate in along with games and a snack.

The Floyd County Museum hosts children’s days through fall and winter months, from October to April, on the first Saturday of the month.

The Floyd County Museum has been hosting Children’s Day for more than 15 years. It is free for museum members, and is $2 for non-members.

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