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Charles City man faces first-degree robbery and burglary charges

By Bob Steenson, [email protected]

A Charles City man is accused of four felony counts of robbery and burglary plus other charges for allegedly entering apartments and stealing items while displaying weapons, including a handgun

Franklin Freddrick Foster, age 29, was arrested on a warrant Monday and charged with two counts of first-degree robbery, Class B felonies, and two counts of first-degree burglary, Class B felonies, as well as several misdemeanor charges of tampering with a witness and false imprisonment.

Charles City man faces first-degree robbery and burglary charges
Franklin Freddrick Foster

According to criminal complaints filed by Charles City police, Foster entered an apartment in the 900 block of Gilbert Street on Tuesday, Jan. 4, without permission, by pulling a screen door open and breaking the latch.

“The defendant wielded a box cutter and assaulted two males causing injuries inside the apartment. Defendant also made threats to stab them,” the document says.

On Friday, Jan. 7, Foster allegedly entered an apartment in the 1300 block of Gilbert Street, displayed a handgun and ordered two occupants to lay on the ground, threatening to kill them while taking their money.

Foster is charged with two counts of tampering with a witness, aggravated misdemeanors, for allegedly threatening to kill or harm the families of persons who Foster told to provide a false alibi for his involvement in the alleged Jan. 4 incident.

He is charged with two counts of false imprisonment, serious misdemeanors, for allegedly telling the victims in the Jan. 4 incident to not move and threatening to stab them with the box cutter-style knife.

“The victim(s) felt they were held hostage and feared for their life,” the criminal complaints filed in Floyd County District Court state.

He is also being charged with four counts of obstruction of emergency communications in the two alleged incidents for allegedly taking victims’ phones and preventing them from calling for help.

Foster is being held in the Floyd County Jail on $106,000 cash bond.

A preliminary hearing has been set for Jan. 21, but typically the Floyd County Attorney’s Office will file a trial information, formally setting the charges, then an arraignment will be scheduled where the defendant enters a plea.


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