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Additional candidates file for Floyd County elected positions

Additional candidates file for Floyd County elected positions
Floyd County Supervisor Districts
By Bob Steenson, [email protected]

Two more people have filed their nomination papers for this year’s election, seeking to fill more of the countywide Floyd County seats that are open.

Jeff Hawbaker has filed for Supervisor District 3, which consists of the northern tier of townships in the county, plus Rockford township. It includes the cities of Floyd, Colwell, Rudd, Rockford a​​nd Nora Springs, and is the only one of the three new districts that does not include any of the Charles City precincts.

The current supervisor living in the new District 3, Linda Tjadan, has said she is not running for reelection.

No one has filed yet in Supervisor District 2, which includes all of Charles City north of the Cedar River and the northern part of St. Charles Township, or in Supervisor District 1, which is most of the southern half of the county townships plus all of Charles City south of the river.

Jessie Lynn Holm has filed papers for the Treasurer’s Office. Current Treasurer Frank Rottinghaus has said he is retiring from the position and will not run again. Holm is currently a deputy recorder in the Recorder’s Office.

Nomination papers for county offices are due at 5 p.m Friday, March 25, in the Floyd County Auditor’s Office.

Here is the complete list of candidates who have turned in nomination papers as of Thursday afternoon, according to the Auditor’s Office:

  • Floyd County Recorder – Amy Assink.
  • Floyd County Attorney – Rachel Ginbey.
  • Floyd County Supervisor District 3 – Jeff Hawbaker.
  • Floyd County Treasurer – Jessie Lynn Holm.
  • Cedar Township  – Trustee David Wetherell, Clerk Amy Johnson.
  • Floyd Township – Trustee Duane Folz; Clerk Theresa Stewart.
  • Pleasant Grove Township – Trustee Dennis Gabe.
  • Riverton Township – Trustee Robert Mondt and Charlie Westervelt.
  • Rockford Township – Trustee Darrin White.
  • Rock Grove Township – Trustee Michael Shanks and Bruce Squier, and Mark Nel to fill a vacancy; Clerk Galen Montag.
  • Rudd Township – Trustee Dustin Straube and Larry Bortz.
  • Saint Charles Township – Trustee Dennis Sanvig.
  • Ulster Township – Trustee Randy Heitz; Clerk William J Dolan.
  • Union Township – Trustee Ricky Rex and Mark Schlader.


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