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Japanese chef visiting Charles City High School culinary classes, adding to school lunch

By Travis Fischer, [email protected]

Charles City students will get to enjoy a unique culinary lesson this week as they welcome Japanese chef John Sugimura to the school district.

Japanese chef visiting Charles City High School culinary classes, adding to school lunch
Japanese chef John Sugimura, with Taher Inc., the Charles City School Districts’ food service supplier, will be at the Charles City district this week, teaching culinary students about Japanese cooking, and providing examples of Japanese cooking to the school board and the students. Submitted photo

A professionally trained second-generation chef and third generation Japanese-American, Sugimura has presented to more than 125 schools across the nation, educating students on traditional Japanese cuisine and the history behind it.

Over the three-day visit, from today (Tuesday) through Thursday, Sugimura will teach Charles City’s culinary students about a variety of Japanese foods.

Along with sushi, he’ll show them how to make gyoza (hand-made steamed dumplings) and karaage (Japanese fried chicken), common foods enjoyed in Japan the same way Americans consume convenience store pizza or chicken strips.

“I’m thrilled to have the privilege to present Japan’s most iconic yokocho alley food, gyoza and karaage to the students at Charles City Community School,” said Sugimura in a release.

Along with the lessons to the culinary students, Sugimura will serve at a school board dinner on Tuesday night and have a special lunch feature for students at Thursday’s lunch.

Sugimura is a corporate executive chef with Taher Inc. Professional Food Management, the company that has the contract to provide food services in the Charles City Community School District.

“Chef John will share with students a full Japanese meal that expands their world to include Japan,” said a press release.

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