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New Charles City engineer in training has worn many hats, eager to serve local community

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A lifelong Nashua resident recently joined the city of Charles City to help design and implement city infrastructure projects like water, sewer and road systems.

Brian Sullivan joined the city at the end of last year and brings 15 years of experience in construction and project management.

New Charles City engineer in training has worn many hats, eager to serve local community
Brian Sullivan of Nashua is the new engineer in training with the city of Charles City, preparing to step in when current City Engineer John Fallis retires. Submitted photo

He said he is looking forward to learning from the current city engineer, John Fallis, while completing his professional licensure. Sullivan will work side-by-side with Fallis at first, then with Fallis as a mentor upon Fallis’ retirement.

“Having grown up in Chickasaw County, it’s great to continue my career close to home and serve my community while putting my engineering experience to work,” said Sullivan, who recently made the jump to shirts and ties from his previous uniform of blue jeans as an owner of Sullivan Construction.

Sullivan and his father, Tom, are responsible for the construction of many homes and businesses in and around Chickasaw County.

Prior to joining the family business, Sullivan had worked as a project engineer for Henkel Construction out of Mason City, managing project estimates, subcontractor bids, and assembling total project costs on bid day. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in construction engineering from Iowa State University.

“In my role, I look forward to being an advocate for the community’s taxpayers as we work to meet the city’s goals for maintaining and improving infrastructure,” he said.

In his free time, Sullivan said, he’s likely to be wearing red and black as he cheers on his sons as they compete and perform for his alma mater, Nashua-Plainfield. His family includes Aiden, a junior; Connor, an 8th grader, and foreign exchange student, Luca, a senior all at Nashua Plainfield. His wife, Andrea, is a middle school science teacher at Nashua-Plainfield.

Between wrestling meets and band concerts, Sullivan said he can be found in his woodworking shop creating custom furniture for the family’s “Barrel Me This” business or planning their annual beach vacation.

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