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Another Colwell write-in candidate gets a spot on City Council

Another Colwell write-in candidate gets a spot on City Council
Floyd County Supervisor Dennis Keifer draws names out of a box Nov. 13 to determine the three winners in a four-way write-in vote tie for members of the Colwell City Council. Others pictured are Floyd County Auditor Gloria Carr (holding box), Floyd County Elections Clerk Jennifer Bauer, and Floyd County Supervisors Mark Kuhn (center) and Jim Jorgensen. Press photo by Bob Steenson
By Bob Steenson,

The adventure that is Colwell elections took another turn this week as the Floyd County Board of Supervisors certified another write-in candidate as a member of the Colwell City Council.

For many years the town of Colwell has not had anyone run on the ballot for the job of mayor and five City Council positions that are open every two years. At the municipal and school district election that was held Tuesday, Nov. 7, Colwell voters wrote in the names of Jeffrey Wright for mayor and Kim Isakson and Ryan Wegner for members of the City Council.

But there was a four-way tie for the remaining three council seats, with four people having had their names written in by five voters each.

Last week, at the Tier 1 canvass of the election results, the supervisors drew three names at random, selecting Rachel Krause, Mark Kirsch and Kim Blunt as the three additional Colwell City Council members, leaving the fourth name, of Taylor Isakson, in the box.

But at the Tier 2 election canvass this week, County Auditor Gloria Carr said said she had received a letter from Krause, declining the position. Since the letter had been received within 10 days after the canvass, the position goes to the next highest vote getter, which in this case is Taylor Isakson.

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