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Charles City Middle School drama kids ready for spring play

Charles City Middle School drama kids ready for spring play
The Charles City Middle School performance of “Camp Twilight” will be held this weekend at the Charles Theatre. Featured in the play are (back) Rhlen Ellison, Ben Hammond, Audriana Luckett, Jeslyn Hester, Pearl Matlock, Joi Williams, Demaya Shields, Ziare Price, Dixie Wilson, Renner Kober, Emma Read, Kambrya Fisher, Addi Griffin, (front) Emma Shannon, Kathrine Vandeventer, Evelynn Williams, Ava Kostka, Elizeah Causey, Bella Moses, Kylie Pickar, Devony O’Brein, Brynlee Bergerson, Dixie Price, Serria Heinz, Chris Cooper, Clarissa Williams, (not pictured) Isbella Pizano, Tyler Michaud, and Katie Soifer. Submitted photo
By Travis Fischer,

The curtain rises this weekend on the Charles City Middle School’s spring play.

Under the direction of Lynn Bauer and Yvonne Copper, the drama students will present “Camp Twilight” at the Charles Theatre at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 8, with a matinee performance on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Set at a seemingly normal summer camp, the play features the story of young teens finding themselves in the middle of a plot involving vampires, werewolves and the mob.

“It’s kind of got some interesting twists in it,” said Bauer. “The campers find themselves in all sorts of adventures.”

The play features the acting talents of Emma Read, Dixie Price, Katherine Vandeventer, Dixie Wilson, Serria Heinz, Kylie Pickar, Audriana Luckett, Devony O’Brien, Isbella Pizano, Kambrya Fisher, Emma Shannon, Evelynn Williams, Ava Kostka, Tyler Michaud, Brynlee Bergeson, Rhlen Ellison, Ben Hammond, Katie Soifer, Renner Kober, Bella Moses, Elizeah Causey and Demaya Shields.

Along with acting, the backstage crew includes Jeslyn Hester, Pearl Matlock, Joi Williams, Ziare Price, Addi Griffin, Chris Cooper, Aiden Fielder and Clarissa Williams.

The students have been hard at work buildings sets, learning how to operate lights, and even printing custom t-shirts as costumes for the show.

“Everything is being run by the kids themselves,” said Bauer. “The entire project has a little bit of them in it.”

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