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A glowing tale of caution


A glowing tale of caution

Dear Heloise: A word of caution for anyone who gives away, or receives, GLOW STICKS for Halloween.

(HELOISE HERE: Or use them yourself.) Someone gave some to my 4-year-old granddaughter. As she was putting some together, the end opened on one and squirted the solution into her eyes. She screamed, it burned so bad.

I rushed her to the bathroom and washed her eyes out with water. They were red, but eventually her eyes were fine.

Who knows what these could do to others?

Please warn people that glow sticks should be used only with adult supervision, and as a caution, break the tubes AWAY from you.

— Neda M. in California

Neda, glad your granddaughter is OK. The liquid in most glow sticks is NOT poisonous, but it can be irritating, especially to the eyes or mouth. You did the right thing by rinsing her eyes (do so for at least 10 minutes, and use room-temperature water) and monitoring her condition.

However, to play it safe, please call the Poison Control hotline (800-222-1222) to double-check. If possible, have the glow stick with you. Please don’t take a chance with vision — you only have two eyes, and they are precious! From one who knows.

— Heloise WEARING SHIRT ONCE Dear Heloise: I have a hint for when I have worn clothing for only a short time and want to wear it again: I put the hanger on the closet rod backward or the other way so I know that it has been worn once, yet is not quite ready for the laundry. This saves washing clothing that is really not dirty.

— Lou in West Milton, Ohio

Lou, this is a hint many readers use, but here’s a little addition: Let the shirt “air out” before putting it back in the closet to prevent odor transfers to other clothes. Plus, it will help odors dissipate, and the shirt will smell fresh when you put it on next time.

— Heloise

By Heloise

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