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Iowa City artists team up for ‘Saints,’ a new comic book

Iowa City artists team up for ‘Saints,’ a new comic book

IOWA CITY (AP) — Two Iowa City artists have collaborated to produce a comic book that will be sold by one of the industry’s largest publishers.

The comic book “Saints” started its three-year, 36-issue run this month with Image Comics. The new series was created by Iowa City native Sean Lewis and 2013 University of Iowa graduate Ben Mackey. Lewis wrote the short stories and Mackey illustrated them.

“Saints” explores a world in which patron saints of the Catholic Church possess super powers based on their martyrdom. For example, Saint Sebastian, who was killed by arrows, grows arrows out of his chest and expertly fires them off. Saint Lucy, who had her eyes removed, can see into the future. The authors met a year ago when Lewis hired Mackey to add illustrations to his play “Out of Bounds.” Mackey thought about comic book’s premise, and the two ran with it.

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