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I saw Elvis!


I saw Elvis!

Dear Heloise: I hope you got to see the letter I sent. I put the new commemorative ELVIS FOREVER STAMP on it for you!

— Shirley F., Bryan, Ohio

Shirley, I did, and by the way, I do see a big chunk of the mail, email and faxes. Please don’t think your comments and suggestions don’t get to me!

Yes, my staff may go through the bunch and minimize the duplicates, but they do not keep anything from me. Very often, I pick up a mail tray, handful of faxes and emails, and go through all of them (uncensored) while watching TV. I love your comments, readers! Please share your thoughts; I care.

Thank you for the Elvis Forever Stamp! I saw one of his last concerts, Aug. 12, 1976, here in San Antonio at the San Antonio Arena, now defunct.

Elvis Presley died Aug. 16, 1977.

FOREVER STAMPS are just that — they can be used FOREVER, regardless of the postage of a first-class letter in

the future. Do note: This is for up to ONE ounce of weight.

— Heloise

P.S.: Tupelo, Mississippi, is Elvis’ birthplace and a charming town to visit. I spoke at the library about green hints and visited with folks. It was a wonderful time!

SPILLED POLISH Dear Heloise: A nail technician showed me how to clean up spilled nail polish.

While still wet, she sprinkled a bunch of sugar over the spill.

After five to 10 seconds, she

wiped it up with a paper towel.

— Allison W., Arlington, Texas

Allison, great hint! I tested it, and it works well on a solid surface, but don’t use this on carpet!

— Heloise

By Heloise

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