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Speed freakS

Speed freakS

A couple questions we had to ask — ourselves

OK, who saves his Chase with a win at Talladega?

GODSPEAK: I gotta go with Junior. He's won two plate races this year. This is his wheelhouse.

KEN'S CALL: I'm going with Kyle Busch to finally win a Chase race, just when he needs it most.

If you're Logano, what's your Talladega strategy?

GODSPEAK: Unless Mr. Penske wants Logano to push Keselowski, he needs to run a few laps and skedaddle.

KEN'S CALL: Middle of Lap 2, accidentally jam it into second gear, sheepishly apologize to engine guy, park it, golf cart, plane, home, dinner at Del Frisco's.

On which lap do we see the first Big One?

GODSPEAK: I'm going to say after the first pit stop, around Lap 35-ish.

KEN'S CALL: I'm going late; I'll say 128.

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