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Don’t give hot glass the cold holder


Don’t give hot glass the cold holder

Dear Heloise: Your column about GLASSWARE SHATTERING was new to me. I bought a new piece, and instructions do state not to place it directly from the oven onto a cool surface. I never knew it until I read it in your column. Please let others know.

— Mindy W., Lincoln, Neb.

Mindy, I’m glad you read it here, then bought a new glass baking dish. This is the perfect example of why many old hints or ways we do things may not be safe today!

You can trust me and HELOISE CENTRAL to update and retest hints. Please don’t trust a website/blog/email you see that says, “Oh, here is a great way to clean a glass baking dish: Just sprinkle with scouring powder and scrub with steel wool.” DON’T DO THIS!

It will scratch the glass, which becomes weak and may shatter.

Reminders below: DO NOT place hot glassware, just out of the oven, on a cool surface. Not on a metal/glass cooktop, burner covers, stone countertop or ceramic/metal trivet.

DO use a cooling rack, thick dish towel or potholders if you are going to serve right away.

For baked goods, like a dump cake, use the cooling rack. I put potholders on trivets and balance the dish between for air circulation underneath.

— Heloise

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I can’t answer your letter personally but will use the best hints received in my column.

— Heloise

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