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The Roosevelts



The Roosevelts

By Erika Enigk

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year from now, the United States will elect a new president. No one knows yet who that will be, but there’s one thing we can say for sure — it will not be our current president, Barack Obama. Why? Because presidents are allowed to serve only two terms, or eight years, and President Obama has done that.

But it wasn’t always this way.

One president was elected to four terms. His name was Franklin Roosevelt. It was 75 years ago this month that he was elected for a third term.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt Activity

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families. After Franklin died, Eleanor continued to be a strong voice for people in the United States and the world.

Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882 to a prominent New York family. After attending prestigious schools, he entered politics at age 28 and was elected president in 1933. But his life wasn’t always easy. In 1921, Roosevelt contracted polio, a rare disease that forced him to live in a wheelchair even after he got better.

His first term came at a difficult time for the United States. The country was in the middle of the Great Depression, a period of years when people struggled to pay their bills and even banks didn’t always have money. People were scared for the future, but he was full of hope, and the people trusted him.

Throughout his presidency, Roosevelt got the country through the Great Depression and World War II. But his health suffered, and he died three months into his fourth presidential term.

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Eleanor. She was his distant cousin but fell in love with him and married him in 1905. Together, they had six children. But Eleanor Roosevelt worked hard at politics, too. When her husband fell ill with polio, she convinced him to get back into politics. And her voice was just as strong as his. Unlike some First Ladies before her, she spoke her mind, even when her opinion was unpopular.

Sometimes, she even disagreed with things her husband said!

Eleanor was also an outspoken advocate for the civil rights movement. Back then, not many people thought African-Americans should have the same rights as white Americans, but Eleanor did, and she said so. And during the war, she spoke out in support of young women getting jobs in factories to support their Franklin Roosevelt was the last president allowed to run for election so many times. Even though he is now thought of as a good president, some people believed limiting the number of times someone could be elected would be good for the country, because it limited the power the person could have.

Roosevelt did many interesting things while he was alive. He helped form the United Nations, for one, and he founded the March of Dimes, an organization that works to prevent birth defects and help babies who are born prematurely.

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Franklin Roosevelt’s story would be incomplete without mention of his wife,

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