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News is breaking badly


News is breaking badly

Dear Readers: Here’s this week’s SOUND OFF: “I get frustrated watching breaking news on some 24-hour TV news channels. With each channel trying to be the first

to get the story, it seems they report anything and everything, without verifying facts.

"The story is fluid and

changing minute by minute.

Channels seem pressed to report up-to-the-minute information when many times it’s incorrect. Even interviewing ‘witnesses’ presents its own problems.

“Since the media has a responsibility to report facts to keep us informed and safe, take time to get the real facts and eliminate hearsay and false reporting.”

— D.R., via email Dear D.R.: You have voiced an opinion that many (including me) feel strongly about.

However, it’s not the old days of wait and then report at the 6 p.m. news. Breaking news on a 24-hour channel is just that — it just happened, and here is all we know right NOW.

With the many ways people get and share news, it’s a whirlpool of information, some correct, some NOT, being thrown together.

Readers, what can you do?

Wait before retweeting, posting or passing on questionable information as FACT. Don’t make a snap judgment based on ONE source, even your favorite news channel or a tweet from a friend.

It’s similar to being at a football, basketball or baseball game, or any event where lots of people are involved. Are you in the stands? On the field?

Watching it on your cellphone, tablet, computer or TV, or listening on the radio? Which point of view is real?

Readers, news — good, bad and incorrect — moves quickly today! The 24-hour channels are trying to fill time! Anything

is up to be broadcast, even a black cat walking under a ladder.

— Heloise SEND A GREAT HINT TO: Heloise P.O. Box 795000 San Antonio, TX 78279-5000 Fax: 1-210-HELOISE Email: Heloise(at)Heloise.


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