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Use of credit card won’t be all wet


Use of credit card won’t be all wet

Dear Readers: New CREDIT CARDS are coming with chips on the front as well as a magnetic strip on the back. Can these (or any credit cards, for that matter) get wet and still work?

Answer? You betcha! They can get wet and still work.

Now, I don’t mean running it through the wash with HOT water or the dryer on high heat! The real culprit (other than forgetting to take it out of your pocket when laundering) is when the plastic is heated and warps or melts. So, if the card gets wet with water (or something like soda, beer or iced tea), just pat it dry with a towel. Off to shop!

— Heloise

HOLIDAY MAIL DELIVERY Dear Heloise: It’s getting close to Internet ordering season, and I have some hints for better, faster delivery.

Everyone should go to USPS.

com and enter their address into the “Look Up a ZIP Code” section. Not only will this give you the “plus four” of your ZIP code, it will give you the mailing-industry standards for format, spelling, punctuation and abbreviation. (Heloise Here: You may already know all this, but if not, this is good advice. Call your post office and ask them if you don’t have access to a computer.) Make sure you have spelled everything correctly.

Computers don’t know where spaces should go or that “Mian St” is really “Main St.” Your delivery might be delayed because the computer can’t read your address. Also, include your apartment number, if you have one.

— R.P in Kansas

By Heloise

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