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Speed freakS

Speed freakS

a couple questions we had to ask — ourselves

Is Joey Logano done?

GODSPEAK: pull it out of the oven and bring it to the dining room table (see 3 Things To watch).

KEN’S CALL: i’m a big believer in trends, and current trends say he’s done.

After Jimmie’s win, which non-Chaser has best chance at Phoenix?

GODSPEAK: how about clint bowyer sending waltrip racing out the door with a win?

KEN’S CALL: i’ll stick with the hendrick group and say Junior.

Phoenix? Does Phoenix need two dates?

GODSPEAK: how about throwing out the second phoenix date and two or three other tracks’ second dates.

KEN’S CALL: maybe, but not this week. late chase races should be closer to home.

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