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Topping off the squeeze bottles


Topping off the squeeze bottles

Dear Heloise: Here is a hint for those who use a lot of mustard, mayo and ketchup in SQUEEZE BOTTLES. I save easy-pour spout tops off bottles (jelly, too) when we are done. I clean them and stick them in a drawer. When I get a new bottle that has only a twist cap, I find a lid that fits the new bottle. I can’t always find a match, but the majority of the time I can.

— Tanya O., Arlington, Va.

Tanya, sometimes a simple hint like this can make the day a little better! Also, keep all the tops from squeeze bottles.

When one of the tops gets yucky (as they will), just switch out with a clean one, and pop the dirty one in the dishwasher utensil basket.

— Heloise

TRAVEL HINT Dear Heloise: As a falseteeth wearer and air traveler, the soaking cups that are available don’t pack well in a carry-on bag. They just take up too much space! I use a 6-by-6-inch vacuum-seal bag.

I put everything in it, fill with enough water and stand it in the sink. It packs totally flat and takes up no space. Just be sure to use a new bag. A used one may have a pinhole and will leak.

— Paul S., Salem, Ore.

By Heloise

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