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Pillowcases push the envelope


Pillowcases push the envelope

Dear Heloise: I recently purchased two sheet sets from different manufacturers. In both, the PILLOWCASES only have one hem sewn at the pillowcase opening, with the other side merely folded down.

I can’t think of any reason to have them this way. I’m wondering if you or any readers know the reason.

— Sally L. in Virginia

Here is what I can tell you: These are envelope pillowcases, so you can tuck the pillow into the case and the pillow doesn’t fall out. Some think it also adds a more finished look when the

bed is made and the pillow can be seen.

A lot of decorative throw pillows have the same style down the middle of the back, with a button closure. I have several for a guest bed and love the comfy look.

— Heloise

IMPORTANT DATES Dear Heloise: Routine doctor and dentist appointments typically are scheduled six months to a year in advance.

Don’t you hate turning over the calendar to a new month and realizing you’re supposed to be at the dentist that day or the next?

When I have an appointment set early in the month, I write it on the proper day, but also make a note on the last week of the preceding month, so I don’t get that unpleasant surprise when turning over the page. Appointments set in the next calendar year are noted on the last page of the calendar.

Sometimes, I staple the cards to the back of the page.

— Marilyn in Missouri

SMALL PARTS Dear Heloise: When I am working with things that have small screws, springs, gears, etc., I always work over a terry-cloth hand towel. If I drop something small, it will stay on the towel. I put the things I remove in a small, plastic storage bowl. If the sequence of return is important, I line the things up — left to right — on a tissue.

I keep a small wand magnet handy. It’s a tool that has an extending rod at the end, which is a tubular magnet. If an item falls on the floor and I can't find it, I move the magnet over the area where I think the item fell.

— Best Regards and Smiles, Tim D., Kettering, Ohio

By Heloise

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