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Titus Lock Service celebrates 10th anniversary


Titus Lock Service celebrates 10th anniversary

To the Press

The Chamber Ambassadors recently visited with Titus Lock owner Jeff Titus to help commemorate the business’ 10th anniversary in Charles City. The full-service lock shop on wheels can handle commercial and residential jobs alike, replacing parts, unlocking vehicles and drilling in deadbolts.

“I stock commercial stuff you can’t buy in a hardware store, which means the job can usually get done with just one service call,” Titus said.

Titus Lock Service is available “pretty much whenever someone needs me,” he said. “I probably do half of my work after hours and on weekends.” Titus added that his service area is “anywhere someone wants me to go … I do a lot of work in Nashua and Osage in addition to Charles City.”

With the complexities of today’s vehicles, Titus said it is very easy to mess something up if you don’t know what you are doing in trying to open a locked door.

“People can do a lot of damage to their cars by trying to open a lock with a wire hanger. You can easily wreck a $200 door seal that way,” he said. “The police don’t open locked doors anymore because of the potential for damage. We’ve got the right equipment, like an air wedge. A lot of vehicles today take special tools to get into. I get updates every year and have to stay on top of all the changes.”

In addition to the lock service, Titus also does side jobs like cleaning out homes for Realtors. To reach Titus Lock, call (641) 228-2552.

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