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Well, what happens in Homestead?

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Compelling questions… and maybe a few actual answers

Well, what happens in Homestead?

For starters, NASCAR’s Hype Machine will be at full throttle, though much of its work this week could be done by interns. The wind is definitely at their backs, given the storylines of Jeff Gordon (last race in his last season), Kyle Busch (battled back from injury) and Martin Truex (single-car team from Denver, of all places). But if anyone can ignore sentiment and take care of business in cold-blooded fashion, it’s Kevin Harvick.

Matt Kenseth returns; does he get involved?

He has one teammate — Busch — among the four remaining Chasers, and he’ll certainly help if possible, but let’s assume he won’t do anything blatant. If he does, however, for the sake of TV ratings, let’s hope he upsets Harvick.

What if rain interferes at


First of all, it won’t be as shocking as it was in Phoenix. No one except the winner would be happy with a rain-shortened finale, so NASCAR would obviously wait as long as feasible to complete the full race (definitions of “feasible” vary, by the way). To get ahead of it, NASCAR should set some parameters regarding time frames and how long they’ll wait, so that it doesn’t look like too much of a judgment call. Fans hate judgment calls.

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