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A brush with car cleanliness

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A brush with car cleanliness

Dear Readers: Here are some HELOISE hints for household brushes. If planning a road trip, these should be in your vehicle, just in case. The key to cleaning stains and grime is “the sooner, the better.”

* Mascara brush: to clean inside small openings.

* Toilet brush: to clean tires without much backbreaking effort.

* Large paintbrush: swipe upholstery, dashboard, etc., of crumbs, soil and dust.

* Smaller paintbrush: swipe smaller areas, crevices and hard-to-reach places.

* Whisk broom: to “sweep” carpet of dirt, sand and debris.

Of course, these are all CLEAN old brushes!

— Heloise

P.S.: Any more hints, readers? Please let me know, and I’ll print as many as I can. My favorite: a clean nailpolish brush with black paint to fill in the divot in the heel of

my high heels! SCREEN-SHOT RECIPES Dear Heloise: I use a screen shot, which is a snapshot or picture of my computer screen, to save recipes from online sites. Many times I have tried to share recipes on social media as a way of saving them, and then I lose the recipe.

Now I screen-shot them and can try the recipes. If I like them, I can email them from my phone to my computer and print them.

— Naioma L., Eupora, Miss.

PAPERBACK BOOKS Dear Heloise: I like to sit down with a good book. Some of my favorites are paperbacks that I sometimes travel with.

They can get pretty beat up.

To preserve the cover, I wrap it in clear plastic adhesivebacked paper. I measure my book to determine the amount needed. Then I cut out the shape and peel one side at a time as I cover the book.

The cover stays on longer and is in better shape. I like the condition they are in when and if I do share them with people.

— Mary S. in San Antonio

Hints from Heloise


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