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Speed freakS

Speed freakS

A couple questions we had to ask — ourselves

Will Kyle Busch be a worthy champ?

GODSPEAK: Don't know, but he will be the most wellrested, since he missed 11 of the 36 Cup Series races.

KEN'S CALL: It helps to have a guy who likes to talk, and he does like to talk. But NASCAR might not always like what he says.

After Year 2 with this Chase format, is it a keeper?

GODSPEAK: I believe conceptually speaking, yes. Is this the final, final, final format?

No, you will see tweaks down the road.

KEN'S CALL: You kidding me? Nothing is a “keeper” in modern sports entertainment. This is the fourth format since the 2004 Chase birth. Expect more.

Any chance Tony Stewart runs as well as Jeff Gordon did in his going-away season?

GODSPEAK: Absolutely. He makes the 2016 Chase.

KEN'S CALL: Doubtful. Stewart's late-career slide has become more than just a slump. Gordon never experienced anything like that.

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