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‘How are you really?’


‘How are you really?’

“How are you?”

Really, how are you? When was the last time you actually thought about and answered this question honestly? When was the last time you really heard someone’s answer?

As Americans we are programmed to ask and respond to this question without truly processing the words or our answer. It is a standard way of greeting one another without actually doing anything other than acknowledging their existence. Advent marks the beginning of the calendar year for the church and the beginning of so many other events as well. Advent is when Christians celebrate the majesty and mystery of Christ. It is celebrated the four Sundays prior to Christmas. Each Sunday has a theme: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and Christ is celebrated on Christmas Eve. Usually churches light a candle for each week on a circular wreath with the Christ candle in the middle; the purpose being a visual reminder of where we are in the season and where we are going.

I’ve often wondered if we get so wrapped up in getting to the Christ candle that we forget to embrace each week and focus on what it represents — kind of like our greeting of ‘how are you?’ Psalms 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.” It is a simple reminder to stop and be in the moment; to not simply go through the motions but to truly be mentally, emotionally, and physically present.

As you go about your holiday planning and events, I encourage you to be fully present in the moment.

So…how are you?

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