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Road trip trash gets canned

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Road trip trash gets canned

Dear Heloise: I read your column daily in the (Augusta, Maine) Kennebec Journal. You printed good road-trip hints. I’d like to add one given to me by a friend who camps and travels with her pre-teen kids.

She keeps a COFFEE CAN, with a tightfitting plastic lid,

in her car. It serves as a spillproof, smell-proof trash can for things like apple cores, banana peels, candy wrappers and so on. It’s easy to empty, rinse out and reuse. Wish I’d thought of that!

— Chris in Maine

Chris, this is one of those “Why did I not think of this?” hints for sure! A road trip does seem to produce a lot of “smelly” stuff, doesn’t it? The coffee can (or large, plastic jug type) is perfect. Contains smells, is reusable, and toss when it’s beyond saving.

Thanks for writing.

— Heloise

ESSENTIAL OIL RIDS ODOR Dear Heloise: My daughter works at a nice restaurant, and while the restaurant doesn’t smell, her clothes do. She said it’s going in and out of the kitchen that causes them to smell. I tried everything to get rid of the smell, without luck.

One day, when talking to a farmer friend, he mentioned essential lemon oil to take hog chore smells out. Well, guess what? Worked on her clothes, too!

I drop five to 1p0p drops of

essential lemon oil, along with the detergent, in the washer, and wash as normal. Hope this helps others.

— Elizabeth, via email

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