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How to set free that old TV

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How to set free that old TV

Dear Readers: Disposing of OLD TVS does seem to be a problem, especially after the holiday season. Here are some more hints from my readers: * John H., via email, said: “(A big-box electronics retailer) takes them and other electronics. We have dropped off two TVs and other things there in the past few years, and because of this policy, we will be buying our next TV there.”

* Sherry G. in Cecil, Ala., wrote: “Getting rid of an old TV is like trying to throw out a garbage can: Nobody will haul it away. Here are two things that worked for me: Pay a charity to take it off your hands, or find a junk collector who

will take anything.” * Tom D. in Texas wrote: “In the 43 years we’ve lived in our home, ANYTHING we put on the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street has disappeared within 24 hours.”

Others wrote about online websites where you can post items you simply want to give away or are looking for with no money exchange. Thank you, readers!

— Heloise

P.S.: How sad that something

“state of the art” 10 years ago may now be “old” and ready

for the landfill!

FLAME-RESISTANT Dear Readers: If you’re a new parent or grandparent, here is very valuable information for those little ones’ safety. It could save a child’s life, too: Do read care labels on bedding and clothing, especially sleepwear.

Don’t use fabric-softener liquid or sheets when laundering these items. Although you think it makes them soft and snuggly, fabric softener can affect the flame

resistance of the fabric.

— Heloise

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